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Kratom Association

Iowa lawmaker planning make kratom a controlled substance

clel baudler 71 year old statetrooper who plans to ban kratom after only finding out about it 2 hrs beforeA good example of what ignorance and lack of knowlegde can do to your freedom to choose your medicine, can be found in recent developments in Iowa.
On march 24th, the 71 year old representative Baudler finds out about kratom. We are not sure what he learned about it, but from his statements we have to conclude that it didn't come from a reliable source.
Baudler stated that " Kratom is a hallucinogen, addictive, and can be life threatening."  and " Two hours after he learned of the drug, Baudler called his staff and had them start writing legislation to make the drug illegal." For more of his personal motives we refer to this article.

The lawmakers in Iowa are now finalizing legislation that indeed seems to include the amendment from Baudler. But before we go in details, lets look again at his statements. Kratom is no hallucinogen and has never been life threatening to anyone (keep in mind that it has been used for thousands of years), maybe it can be habit forming for some, but so is coffee and chocolate. The representative only took 2 hours to decide. This clearly shows that the lawmakers do not take the time or effort to see what the effect of their actions are. And from the ridiculous statements made, it must be very clear that this Representative had no idea what he was talking about.  

So basically it seems that kratom is going to be banned since the lawmakers never heard of kratom before and since they did not took the time or effort to do even the smallest bit of normal research. 

Understandably this has resulted in protests from the users of kratom, espeically those in Iowa. In the last few weeks many KA members and others have been trying to contact the representative , his staff and other house members to inform them of their misconceptions and to try to communicate their worries.  Part of the efforts can be found on our forum here . Despite all this, the representative did indeed file his amendment and a couple of days later, on the 29th, the amendment passed the house, ayes 93, nays none. So clearly no one really seemed to be intrested to look in detail to what they are doing. 

Natural news meanwhile writes that the herb kratom is a safe and effective alternative for treating pain, anxiety and depression. See here , in our publication section there are tens of scientific reports showing the usefulness of kratom for various medical conditions, as well as its safety. Hundreds of users have attested this as well, as can be seen from the comments made in a general petition  and meanwhile there are no serious cases known where kratom has even been "life threatening" , as the representative has claimed.  We can safely assume that the representative's knowlegde about this particular herb is not  accurate, but we cannot accept that he is not paying attention to the information presented.  Senators in Massachusats and Louisiana have been making plans based on similar misunderstandings, but at least they were able to do  reserch and changed their plans accordingly.

The KA will continue to protest and try to let the lawmakers in Iowa come to their senses. If not we may also fear the legal future of other relatively unknown herbs in Iowa.
An overview of the law in progress can be found here and join us on the forum for detailed and up to date information. 

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