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Kratom Association

Louisiana drops plans to ban kratom

Senator louisiana plans to ban kratom

Senator Crowe of Louisiana announced earlier in February that he was planning to add kratom to the list of controlled substances, which would have made possesion of kratom a crime. Members of the kratom community and the Kratom Association in particular were shocked to hear about the Senators plans and directly took action. An online petition was opened to protest against the plans at ,   kratom users started to email the Senator and other members of the juriciday committee directly to express their concerns.

From the contact we had with the senator in the weeks to follow, it seemed that he was sincerely concerend with the potential of abuse of, what he thought was a dangerous substance, especially among younger folks. Luckily the senator was willing to do a bit more research and soon learned, thanks for the many testimonials that were send directly to him, that kratom was not a dangerous narcotic nor being a substance of abuse.

This was confirmed for the Senator in a public debate, check here for details of the debate. " State Sen. Jonathan Perry, R-Abbeville, used his laptop to search for the drug on the Internet while Crowe explained the bill. Meanwhile, state Sen. Robert Adley, R-Benton, scanned the committee room for law enforcement officials with knowledge of how much of a problem the substance is becoming. Adley's search came up empty."

The idea that Kratom is being somehow or somehwere abused is entirely erroneous and is based on a general misconception. Kratom is not at all popular with minors (who are known to prefer much less subtle substances) and the users are mainly middle-aged and educated folks. These adults tend to use it as a  beneficial assist to deal with all kinds of ailments like: depression, anxiety, pain and even addiction.

Convinced, thanks to all the emails, testinials, reports and of course the petiton. The Senator withdrew his plans on the 27th of February. A copy of the old proposal can still be seen here.  Senator Crowe did however propose an age limit for the usage and possesion of kratom, something we can all understand, since kratom should be used wisely and responsible. The age limit will be set to 18 years of age in Louisiana. For details of this new law and the legislative process of this age limit , see here .

It should be clear that the misunderstanding that led the Senator to draw up his initials plans are still very common, although a ban of kratom never came into law, we fear that similar plans might be appearing in other states. 



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