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The five biggest misconceptions about kratom in the media

When kratom appears in the media, it is often described in a negative way and associated with other substances that it has nothing to do with. Clearly, kratom is still relatively unknown in the western world and this seems to contribute to some general misunderstandings. But by comparing the herb to opiates, as some journalists do, or talking about abuse and addiction as though this is somehow related to kratom, the users of this gentle herb are being negatively stigmatized as well. So below we show the most frequently occurring misconceptions about kratom, that appeared in the media the last few months.  

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Kratom in the Media

Natural News: Medicinal herb kratom a safe and effective alternative for treating pain, anxiety and depression.

The well known online authority on natural health, recently published a couple of articles about kratom. It acknowlegdes its usage in traditional herbal medicine to treat pain, boost energy, alleviate anxiety and depression symptoms, and promote feelings of wellness and happiness. The article also notes that kratom legal future remains insecure since the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has placed it on its infamous Drugs and Chemicals of Concern list, in the past.  Based on the data that is available on kratom, it appears as though the actual plant itself is basically safe, and that the DEA is simply overreacting,  according to NaturalNews.

It should be noted that the DEA by itself has no legitimate evidence showing that kratom is in any way dangerous.

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Kratom in the Media

The Kratom News on Youtube

The KA has started a new initiative in January, the monthly episodes of the kratom news, published on youtube.
In this January episode we give extra attention to the plans of the Louisiana Senator Crowe, who is proposing a ban on kratom in his state, as well as attention for the situation elsewhere in the world. The KA will make a monthly episode with some serious items and more entertaining once as well, for example how to pronounce kratom. Please select the clip above and subscribe to our channel on Youtube.   

Kratom in the Media

Kratom on Channel 5 in FL

kratom warning on chanel 5

Chanel 5 reported about kratom recently, in a special "investigators report" about the dangers of kratom. The show and article on the website was sponsored by a so called detox clinic by the name of New beginnings.

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Kratom in the Media

newsnet5 "Kratom becoming a growing problem"

The first week of july we have seen a sudden increase in press attention. In fact the articles published mostly seemed to be syndicated and originating from a previous published story on Chanel5.

Sad part is that most of the assumptions previously stated in other articles were bluntly copied and only seem to intent to raise some kind of sensational "warning".

It is rumored that the source for this latest attention is originating from the so called detox-clinics and the producers of Buprenorphine. Some of these articles where sponsored by a detox clinic and all detox "doctors" features in the video prescribe Subs (Buprenorphine/Subutex/Suboxone) to their clients. Besides Buprenorphine was featured in one of the programs as a "solution" for those struggling with kratom addiction.

Whatever the reasons were, there seems to be a criminalizing tendensie in the media for kratom and its users.
Its time for an answer to this. Time to let the kratom users tell their story!

Kratom in the Media