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"Without kratom, I would not have been able to stop drinking"

I am 34 years old and, since the age of 15, alcohol was the main problem I had to face.
At the age of 23, it became worse and I used to drink on a daily basis. I was not able to work and received welfare.
Today I know that it is my anxiety that made me drink. From my genetic endowment, I am very insecure and anxious. Alcohol used to be my remedy and made me feel relaxed and calm. But, on the other hand, alcohol was on its way to completely ruin my very existence. And then I discovered kratom.

It changed everything. What happend since I started taking kratom? I am sober for 2 years now which turns me into a completely different person. I act responsibly for myself, started to run my own business which makes my living now. I employ several persons and, instead of receiving welfare, I pay a lot of taxes now. Dear German government, you who wants to prevent me from taking kratom? Do you want me to return to alcohol? Do you feel better if drinking makes me close down my business? Are you happy if you have to pay me your welfare again, me and my employees? Don't you need the taxes I pay?

My live completely changed from bad to good and I owe it all to kratom. Without kratom, I would not have been able to stop drinking. Do you really want to pay a long-term rehab which I didn't need because I discovered kratom? Maybe you think twice. I know that I am not the only person who stopped drinking with the help of kratom. Mankind has always been searching for the magic pill that makes an alcoholic stop drinking. Well, I suggest that this wonderful tree might carry the substance which is the key to this magic pill.


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