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Kratom Association

We should all be very thankful for having this tree in our lives

Well start off saying that this wonderful herb has helped me more than anything for pain, and as for energy too. I used to be a heavy percocet user. Actually I'd do any opiate I could get my hands on. My wallet would be empty quicker than you can say oxycodone. The withdrawals were always creeping up on me, making me leave work early and giving me a terrible attitude towards loved ones. I remember sitting in my room for days with no money, waiting for them to pass.


Then one day while cruising the Internet, I came across kratom. I read up on this herb and decided to order my first batch. I think the first thing I ordered was some extract from the kratom king. At first I didn't really feel it. But I noticed my craving had gone to a minimal. As in minimal I meant nothing. Which was amazing because this was the first time in forever that I didn't need pills to make me happy. From then on I used kratom for my addiction. The addiction of opiates never seems to go away. But with kratom it keeps me at the minimal. This goes for my habit and the hole it was burning in my pocket.

I've relapsed a couple times here and there, but kratom has always been my pillow to fall on.For withdrawal symptoms it's amazing, for work it's amazing, my salesmenship has gone through the roof due to this wonderful joy.

Last year I got in this moped accident, I wrecked my leg pretty hard. It pops out of place and is constantly in pain. That is when I don't have kratom. I took morphine for the pain, this didn't cut it compared to kratom. With morphine you still know that the pain is there. With kratom the pain is gone completely. No pain, more energy. What more could you ask for? It has also soothed the pain of my wallet by making it full of money too.

The other week my friend visited me, he twisted his ankle very bad. He was limping up my stairs and never knew about this wonderful herb. Within ten minutes of ingesting it, he was walking perfectly fine again. He was amazed. I felt so good for helping him.

The empathy kratom brings is wonderful, I don't think I've ever felt such appreciation for the world around me. With the power of nature on your side, you can't go wrong.

If they knew of these wonderful properties, they would never try to make it illegal. They would use it as an alternative to suboxone and methodone. But they would rather have there synthetics. It's the natural alternative. The best natural alternative. We should all be very thankful for having this tree in our lives. 

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