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Kratom Association

Quality of life has become greatly improved

After suffering an extremely painful neck injury, i turned to kratom as an alternative to the painkillers which i am unable to take alongside my Crohn's disease medication. While i was pleased with the results i got, in reducing the neck injury discomfort, i was overjoyed with the effect kratom had on my Crohn's.


It appears that the multi-faceted nature of kratom is combating the Crohn's from several angles.In my case, the transit of the gut's contents comes closer to a normalized state, while stress and depression are greatly reduced, along with any associative pain.

Stress is known to be a big factor in Crohn's and can trigger and exacerbate symptoms, in turn, Crohn's symptoms bring about depression, so to have so many issues acted on by one plant is very beneficial for me.

I also suffer from long term lower back/hip pain and insomnia which are also taken care of by kratom so my quality of life has become greatly improved and I am much happier and healthier since discovering it. 

Kratom testimonials

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