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I have cystic fibrosis

I have cystic fibrosis. CF is a genetic condition that effects the lungs and digestion via overproduction of very thick mucous that clogs mainly the lungs and pancreas. This leads to chronic infection, inflammation, spasmodic coughing, chronic muscle and back pain as well as pain in the digestive system.

A few years ago I began experiencing increased symptoms, hospitalizations and exacerbation of my condition. This is par for the course when it comes to this chronic degenerative condition. At the time I had returned to school at 32 years old. After a year or so my condition was getting worse and so were the demands of my life.

I was attending school full time, had a demanding internship and a job. I began taking a popular prescription opiate to deal with the symptoms of my cf in order to meet the demands of my situation. It helped control coughing spasms, energy levels and maintain an appropriate mood. I became much more productive. Eventually, my source dried up and I turned to alcohol.
Alcohol was a major disaster . I became severely dependent and my condition worsened rapidly. I had to drink more and more to deal with the symptoms of my condition on top of the pain caused by imbibing alcohol and the resulting dependence. I eventually turned to street drugs and finally to every doctor who would listen. All of these only offered more poison and temporary relief with further complication. I then returned to complete sobriety and tried many different supplements and remedies with only minor success.

That is until I discovered mitragyna speciosa or kratom. My friend turned me on to some capsulized (and overpriced) kratom at our local head shop. (I have since found a much better source for kratom powder.) I m not sure if he was aware of the extent of the help he was to provide through this introduction.

Kratom works on many of the same receptors and has many of the same effects as the opiates yet does not have the side effects of severe respiratory depression and dangerous side effects. I am still able to expectorate yet it provides balance by controlling the severe spasmodic and unproductive fits that occur. Thus making my body more efficient.
I was on pain management drugs and with the kratom I was able to stop taking them. I soak 2-3 tablespoons in lemon juice at night, then I dilute it and drink it the following morning. This has a miraculous effect on my cf symptoms. I have also had a remarkable reduction of exacerbation and hospitalizations since beginning to take the herb. It also has had a remarkable effect on my state of mind and overall mental/emotional health.

I have experienced a major reduction in anxiety and have developed a much more positive overall attitude about life. Kratom has been a profound a miracle in my life. Through this natural and unadulterated plant (beware of many supposed kratom "extracts") I have experience a complete change in perspective.

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