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Kratom Association

Kratom does not get me "high"

I am a 45 year old small business owner, a husband and a father of two wonderful children. For the past 15 years I have suffered from severe back pain due to bulging disks. I also have been diagnosed and suffer from diverticulitis, and irritable bowel syndrome.

I have used kratom daily for the past 5 years to help my lower back pain ( from bulging discs and degeneratve disc disease) The use of kratom is also helpful in raising the fiber intake in my diet and seems to quiet my IBS. Prior to using kratom the only assistance I could find in the western world of medicines were Vicoden, and surgery, neither of which solved my problems for the long term.

Since using kratom , I no longer take any Vicoden for pain, and have had no bouts of diverticulitis. From what I have read about Kratom on Wikipedia, (and linked pages) is that Kratom does not have a lethal dose, nor does it suppress breathing like opiates do.
It is reported to have been used in the eastern world for literally hundreds of years, with out a single fatality.
Kratom does not get me "high". I believe that the American medical association and the pharmaceutical industry in this country have a vested interest in demonizing natural alternatives to the patented poisons they which they create. Their peddling of Vioxx, and Oxycontin, neurontin, and so many other drugs have ruined countless lives, and profited these companies immensely.
Did you know that the number one prescribed medicine in this country is Hydrocodone? Lipitor had it beat by a slight margin occasionally, but Vicodin keeps coming out on top. Number 1. My experience with Vicodin is that it is horribly addictive, and loses its efficacy very quickly. I believe that big pharma, who pay so many dollars to mass medias advertising budgets will, and are using yellow journalism, to bring un needed pressure to illegalize this and many other natural substances like Kratom.

Kratom testimonials

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