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Kratom Association

A Breath of Fresh Air


                Last year an article was published on titled "Is Kratom the New "Bath Salts" or Just an Organic Pain Reliever with Euphoric Effects?". The article was written by contributing author David DiSalvo, who generally writes articles on science, technology and culture. The article was written after the long Bath Salts controversy, which we may all remember. His article did a good job at describing Kratom but the article had numerous factual errors such as the tried and true media myth that Kratom causes hallucinations and delusions. As we all know, this is totally false, but it has been reported in the media constantly and still is today. The article had numerous other factual errors, which is not surprising considering  Mr. DiSalvo was not familiar with kratom when he wrote this articleand he seemed to have done little research into the true effects.

The article was good id that it mentioned the Kratom Association and actually mentioned the fight to protect Kratom as well. This is unique because most news articles only quote the D.E.A. or addiction specialists who want to make everyone believe that Kratom is addictive just so they can get new patients.

Earlier this year Mr. DiSalvo wrote a follow up article titled "The Kratom Experiment" where he recgonized the massive amount of reponses that he received in the aftermath of his initial article and, like a good reporter, actually decided to find out what Kratom is truly about and how Kratom truly works. His initial article received nearly 50,000 views and over 80 comments and, in response to this outpouring of response, he wanted to nget to the bottom Kratom. Initially,  Mr. DiSalvo purchached a bottle of "Lucky Kratom" brand kratom capsules which, to say the least, got a huge amount of opposition due to Lucky Kratom's reputation among Kratom fans. Lucky Kratom is, in fact, blacklisted by the Kratom Association and numerous kratom supporters voiced their opposition to DiSalvo's use of this brand.

In the beginning of April, DiSalvo wrote a 3rd and follow up article which detailed his experience with Kratom. He decided to use Kratom and the article written described his experience with using Kratom and the effects he experienced. He published the article on his own perosnal website because he was approached by three different Kratom companies (Mayan Kratom, Nutmeg Kratom and Online Kratom) who all offered him free samples for his experiement. He felt that his accepting of these samples may have been a conflict of interest because Forbes pays him for articles. In any case, he used these samples and described his experience. He choose to drink the Kratom powder with orange juice in the morning and stuck to Bali, Maeng Da and Green Thai.

DiSalvo described his effects as overall positive, similar to coffee but without the jitters or the crash. He also described a mild calming effect that he experienced from Kratom and he experienced that the effects of Kratom where much more level and longer-lasting than coffee.

Now, for the side effects? Considering that, as the media wants us to believe; Kratom is more addictive than Heroin, causes hallucinations like L.S.D., works just like Cocaine and has more side effects than all of them combined...What side effects did Mr. DiSalvo experience?

Essentially none! (He did note that he had red eyes after using a specific extract fusion but in general he noted that there were no effects worth nothing.)

Really? No side effects worth nothing? How could this be? How is this possible? Hmmm. Maybe the news media are not being as honest as they claim to be.

In any case, DiSalvo noted that Kratom is a lot like good coffee, but with a longer lasting and even effect with a pleasent finish opposed to the crash one would get from coffee. He also noted that, after stopping kratom, the withdrawl was actually less severe than his withdrawl experiences from Coffee. The effects of stopping kratom were mild sluggishness which wore off in a day, opposed to stopping Kratom where he experienced "excruciating headaches" for days. Kratom "withdrawl", he says, is essentially non existant.

In conclusion, DiSalvo's article is a breath of fresh air amid the pure propaganda that we see on a weekly basis which bashes Kratom and lies about Kratom non-stop. DiSalvo concluded that he saw no reason why Kratom should be banned and also noted that if large amounts of coffee are legal to buy, which is stronger in effects than any Kratom, then why should Kratom be banned?

Indeed Mr. DiSalvo...Indeed!




New Kratom Association Updates

The Kratom Association is currently undergoing much needed updates. We apologize for the lack of updates but due to necessity we, as a organization and as a group of Kratom supporters, must be vigilant. We are considering numerous updates and changes to the way this website and this organization functions and we are asking for advice from our members.

Please visit the Suggestion Box to voice your opinions on new proposals or to make suggestions for the website.


Here are some new projects that we are currently working on or considering:


  1. Writing new articles in response to recent and onging news articles which attack kratom or present kratom in a negative light.
  2. Improving the forum.
  3. Improving the certification process. Clarifying rules for certification and requirments.
  4. Installing new features to allow activists to quickly contact their local government officials.
  5. Making the website more interactive and adding more content and images
  6. Updating our "personal testimonies" section. We are accepting more personal testimonies now. Please post them in the message board.
  7. Updating the "Science" section.
  8. Improving our section describing and explaining Kratom and its uses and benefits.
  9. Creating a facebook fan page and an active twitter account.
  10. Creating a specific "Activism" section of the site with tactics and methods for protecting Kratom.
  11. Creating a section of notable people who support Kratom. Politicians, Lawmakers, Journalists, etc.



Great things are coming and we ask that anyone who has previously not become more involved to please step up and get involved. Join the forum and post your stories. Keep an eye out for news articles or scientific studies and also help in activism.

The five biggest misconceptions about kratom in the media

When kratom appears in the media, it is often described in a negative way and associated with other substances that it has nothing to do with. Clearly, kratom is still relatively unknown in the western world and this seems to contribute to some general misunderstandings. But by comparing the herb to opiates, as some journalists do, or talking about abuse and addiction as though this is somehow related to kratom, the users of this gentle herb are being negatively stigmatized as well. So below we show the most frequently occurring misconceptions about kratom, that appeared in the media the last few months.  

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Louisiana drops plans to ban kratom

Senator louisiana plans to ban kratom

Senator Crowe of Louisiana announced earlier in February that he was planning to add kratom to the list of controlled substances, which would have made possesion of kratom a crime. Members of the kratom community and the Kratom Association in particular were shocked to hear about the Senators plans and directly took action. An online petition was opened to protest against the plans at ,   kratom users started to email the Senator and other members of the juriciday committee directly to express their concerns.

From the contact we had with the senator in the weeks to follow, it seemed that he was sincerely concerend with the potential of abuse of, what he thought was a dangerous substance, especially among younger folks. Luckily the senator was willing to do a bit more research and soon learned, thanks for the many testimonials that were send directly to him, that kratom was not a dangerous narcotic nor being a substance of abuse.

This was confirmed for the Senator in a public debate, check here for details of the debate. " State Sen. Jonathan Perry, R-Abbeville, used his laptop to search for the drug on the Internet while Crowe explained the bill. Meanwhile, state Sen. Robert Adley, R-Benton, scanned the committee room for law enforcement officials with knowledge of how much of a problem the substance is becoming. Adley's search came up empty."

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Natural News: Medicinal herb kratom a safe and effective alternative for treating pain, anxiety and depression.

The well known online authority on natural health, recently published a couple of articles about kratom. It acknowlegdes its usage in traditional herbal medicine to treat pain, boost energy, alleviate anxiety and depression symptoms, and promote feelings of wellness and happiness. The article also notes that kratom legal future remains insecure since the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has placed it on its infamous Drugs and Chemicals of Concern list, in the past.  Based on the data that is available on kratom, it appears as though the actual plant itself is basically safe, and that the DEA is simply overreacting,  according to NaturalNews.

It should be noted that the DEA by itself has no legitimate evidence showing that kratom is in any way dangerous.

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The Kratom News on Youtube

The KA has started a new initiative in January, the monthly episodes of the kratom news, published on youtube.
In this January episode we give extra attention to the plans of the Louisiana Senator Crowe, who is proposing a ban on kratom in his state, as well as attention for the situation elsewhere in the world. The KA will make a monthly episode with some serious items and more entertaining once as well, for example how to pronounce kratom. Please select the clip above and subscribe to our channel on Youtube.   

Iowa lawmaker planning make kratom a controlled substance

clel baudler 71 year old statetrooper who plans to ban kratom after only finding out about it 2 hrs beforeA good example of what ignorance and lack of knowlegde can do to your freedom to choose your medicine, can be found in recent developments in Iowa.
On march 24th, the 71 year old representative Baudler finds out about kratom. We are not sure what he learned about it, but from his statements we have to conclude that it didn't come from a reliable source.
Baudler stated that " Kratom is a hallucinogen, addictive, and can be life threatening."  and " Two hours after he learned of the drug, Baudler called his staff and had them start writing legislation to make the drug illegal." For more of his personal motives we refer to this article.

The lawmakers in Iowa are now finalizing legislation that indeed seems to include the amendment from Baudler. But before we go in details, lets look again at his statements. Kratom is no hallucinogen and has never been life threatening to anyone (keep in mind that it has been used for thousands of years), maybe it can be habit forming for some, but so is coffee and chocolate. The representative only took 2 hours to decide. This clearly shows that the lawmakers do not take the time or effort to see what the effect of their actions are. And from the ridiculous statements made, it must be very clear that this Representative had no idea what he was talking about.  

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Possible kratom ban ? No Way

There is some serious unrest in the kratom community. A Louisiana lawmaker, Senator, A.G. Crowe of district R-Pearl River, is proposing a kratom ban. On the WWLTV channel , see , the senator explains his reasons. 

Poor knowledge and misunderstandings about the herb and the users are once more at the base of another crusade against a perfectly normal herb. Time for some public answers. The KA is preparing an open letter, which is included below and a petition is made available , please do sign the D0-not-ban-kratom petition and forward this to your friends.

The following letter is send to the Sentators office and will be published by press release in the comming days.

We are shocked to have learned of the proposal of Senator A.G. Crowe to pre-file a bill that would add Kratom to the list of controlled dangerous substances. This proposal seems to be based on some common misunderstandings which we would like to draw your attention to before this gets out of hand.

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