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Kratom Association


  • kratom watchdog Program

    The Kratom Assocation Watchdog Program is set up as a self regulatory effort to limit the amount of irresponsible seller actions and to deal with the huge amount of disinformation being published about kratom.

    As long as kratom is being advertised as a legal high, sellers are targeting a young audience with slick packaging and irresponsible users post their video's on Youtube our herb will not be accepted in the public opinion for what it is. Join our watchdog program and help us to do some damage control!

  • Certified Kratom Sellers Program

    Kratom Association's Certified Seller Program is designed to improve the overall quality and professionalism of kratom vendors and their marketing.

    Kratom Associations Rules and Guidelines for kratom sellers give guidance to sellers and help them improve their accountability and responsibility. Once kratom vendors are approved by the KA's board, they will receive a certificate, showing their customers that they are a trusted and responsible source that provide quality products, service and marketing.

  • Press and Publications

    The kratom association will regularly publish relevant news and articles related to the market, the medical studies and new research findings.

    There are numerous conflicting and incorrect reports about kratom usage and related issues like, addiction, abuse potential and health risks. It is in our interest to do research and publish relevant and correct information about kratom.

    The kratom association does not advertise or promote kratom usage and will limit the exposure of their publications only to relevant groups.

  • Research

    The Kratom Association will regularly conduct research and will promote additional medical and pharmaceutical research, needed to build more understanding about kratom, its usage and the effects.

    Although a lot of research has been carried out already, there is a strong need to collect more factual information about kratom's safet, limited addiction potential and medical applications.