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Kratom Association

Kratom Association Mission and Objectives

The Kratom Association's Mission.

We unite the Kratom users, producers and vendors to protect the future legality and availability of Mitragyna Speciosa. The Continuing Mission of the Association is to provide education about kratom and its usage, regulation for associated vendors and advocacy to ensure the kratom will stay available for all those that who benefit from it.

Our primary objectives and functions:

  1. To protect and preserve the legal status or Kratom in free countries.
  2. To provide guidelines to its certified vendors for the responsible selling and marketing of Kratom.
  3. To be a central representative body for Kratom for Kratom users and Vendors for communication with media, and matters that involve government departments or other political organization.
  4. To initiate sanctions for non-members who violate established K.A. Guidelines and/or form a potential threat to K.A. objectives.
  5. To be an information and research center; to collect, aggregate and publish relevant information and statistics.
  6. To be a center for providing commentary, guidance and advice on international legality and other regulatory developments of relevance.
  7. To provide an platform for the exchange of information among its vendors.
  8. To fully disclose a comprehensive list of all associated vendors by means of online publications.

About us

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