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Kratom Association



The kratom Association is an open organisation and welcomes both users, vendors and others who share our interests.
Members of the Association can freely participate in our forum discussions and be active in the association programs. Our members have their influences on the association policies and actions by voting and launching their own initiatives.

The kratom Association distinguishes the following member types.

Regular member:
User and other kratom enthusiasts that want to participate in our community are welcome to join as a regular member, membership is free and members can initiate their ideas, participate in our programs through the forum and the website.
Members who want to join more actively can request for more permissions, allowing them to publish on the associations website and channels and attend the General Meetings online.

Vendor member:
Membership for vendors, producers and wholesalers is subject to approval from the associations board and restricted to the associations guidelines and rules. Vendors can apply for membership by contacting one of the board members. In order to become a certified vendor, the new vendor members will be scanned and accredited by the board. Vendors membership and certified vendor membership is subject to an entrance fee and yearly contribution. Vendors who have not yet applied for their association vendor membership are free to register as a regular member any time.

Institutional member:
The kratom association encourages new members from various governmental and educational backgrounds to join. Representatives of various other organisations that have a shared interest are welcome to participate in our programs and meetings and can freely share in the information provided. 

Honorable Member:
This status is reserved for those that deserved a special honor either by research, publications or other valuable effort that have contributed to the kratom association's goals.

Member info

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