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Kratom Association

About us

Kratom Association is comprised of individuals who are passionate about Mitragyna Speciosa; by people who have decided to do their part for the Kratom Community. We advocate the responsible usage, marketing and representation of Kratom in a collective effort to protect its legality in free countries, ensure its safety to its users and provide viable information about Kratom to the world.

Why Kratom Association? (For Those Of You Sitting On The Fence)

'Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one.' - Thomas Jefferson

There is no doubt that in the course of Kratom's history, conjecture and paranoia have stirred the hearts of the Kratom Community due to the nature of the community's reliance on Kratom; times when a tiny spark of undue criticism or harmful attention have stood to tarnish the reputation of an ancient and sacred organism, and the community reacted with a torrent of undue emotion; in such times, even though the sustainability of Kratom's availability was under no direct threat, we all acted as though its time on the legal side of Earth's governing policies had come to a close.

These times are over.


About us

Kratom Watchdog

The Watchdog program is started to eliminate any potential damage to the image of kratom and its users. Since there is still a lot of misunderstanding about kratom and its usage, the kratom association is concerned that incorrect forms of marketing and advertising will limit kratom acceptance.

A number of issues are in special focus;

  • Kratom being labeled as a "legal High".
  • Kratom being marketed for a young target group.
  • Kratom being sold or marketed in an irresponsible manner.
  • Potentially harmful products being sold as kratom.

The kratom association and its watchdogs will take action in the cases reported, in serious and potentially harmful situations we will work together with the proper authorities to protect our members interests.

kratom watchdog Program

Kratom in the press

There has been a growing number of media stories recently, in which the factual information about kratom and its usage is misinterpretended and exaggerated. It is a shame to see that journalists base their stories on assumptions and rumors, without having the change to check facts.

The Kratom Association will try to provide the press with more factual information where needed and function as a central point in matters that concern kratom usage.

Next to that we will follow the news and comment where our opinion is needed to give a more balanced perspective.

AT times the Kratom Association will create its own press releases when new research or other relevant news about kratom and its market is happening.

Matter related to the press can be discussed by the members in our forum.

Press and Publications

Certified Kratom Sellers Program

The kratom Association certification or qualification is a designation that can be earned by a member vendor to assure qualification to market kratom according to the Association rules and guidelines.

The Kratom Association certifications show that the vendor has met certain criteria and that the vendors is acting to safeguard both the Kratom Associations and the customer interest.

Certified kratom vendors will meet the following criteria:

1. Market kratom in a responsible manner and meet the kratom associations rules and guidelines for kratom sellers. 2. Safeguard product quality and public health.
3. Offer a stable and continuous high level service.
4. Garantee customer satisfaction.
5. Protect customers privacy.

Certified vendor Kratom association members are recognized by a KA logo and they will be published in the certified kratom vendor list. Existing vendor members can request a certification from the association board.

See also the Rules and Guidelines for more detailed information.

Certified Kratom Sellers Program

Kratom Usage Research

There are still numerous misunderstanding about kratom, its usage and the effects. Although it has been used for thouasand of years in Asia as a herbal aid for all kinds of ailments, in modern times and especially the western world kratom is often incorrectly described as a "Legal High" or as a substance of abuse.

The kratom association will start a large scale online research among the kratom users to collect relevant information about kratom usage in our time.

With this research we hope to clear some of the misunderstandings, some of the key points.

Kratom usage: To establish a factual user pattern of what kratom is used for. Reports have shown that kratom is useful as an alternative for pain relief, overcoming addictions, depressions and other ailments, but no research has been yet conducted in this area.

Kratom and health: There is a wide variety of opinions about the safety of kratom and often the negative effects associated with its usage are being exaggerated. Since there has never been any report of a single lethal case due to kratom usage, it is general seen by its users as a safe substance. But it is important to get more information about side-effects and the general health of kratom users, to eliminate any uncertainty with facts. 

Planning and execution of the research will be worked out in detail with our members in our forum.


Kratom Association Mission and Objectives

The Kratom Association's Mission.

We unite the Kratom users, producers and vendors to protect the future legality and availability of Mitragyna Speciosa. The Continuing Mission of the Association is to provide education about kratom and its usage, regulation for associated vendors and advocacy to ensure the kratom will stay available for all those that who benefit from it.

Our primary objectives and functions:

  1. To protect and preserve the legal status or Kratom in free countries.
  2. To provide guidelines to its certified vendors for the responsible selling and marketing of Kratom.
  3. To be a central representative body for Kratom for Kratom users and Vendors for communication with media, and matters that involve government departments or other political organization.
  4. To initiate sanctions for non-members who violate established K.A. Guidelines and/or form a potential threat to K.A. objectives.
  5. To be an information and research center; to collect, aggregate and publish relevant information and statistics.
  6. To be a center for providing commentary, guidance and advice on international legality and other regulatory developments of relevance.
  7. To provide an platform for the exchange of information among its vendors.
  8. To fully disclose a comprehensive list of all associated vendors by means of online publications.

About us

More research needed !

When kratom is mentioned in the press or when it is discussed on websites and forums, we still see that there is a growing need for more factual information. To often kratom and its usage is misunderstood or misinterpretended.

Besides that there is a number of controversial topics related to kratom that need to be addressed with more relevant and objective research.




  • KA programs
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    • kratom watchdog Program

      The Kratom Assocation Watchdog Program is set up as a self regulatory effort to limit the amount of irresponsible seller actions and to deal with the huge amount of disinformation being published about kratom.

      As long as kratom is being advertised as a legal high, sellers are targeting a young audience with slick packaging and irresponsible users post their video's on Youtube our herb will not be accepted in the public opinion for what it is. Join our watchdog program and help us to do some damage control!

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    • Certified Kratom Sellers Program

      Kratom Association's Certified Seller Program is designed to improve the overall quality and professionalism of kratom vendors and their marketing.

      Kratom Associations Rules and Guidelines for kratom sellers give guidance to sellers and help them improve their accountability and responsibility. Once kratom vendors are approved by the KA's board, they will receive a certificate, showing their customers that they are a trusted and responsible source that provide quality products, service and marketing.

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    • Press and Publications

      The kratom association will regularly publish relevant news and articles related to the market, the medical studies and new research findings.

      There are numerous conflicting and incorrect reports about kratom usage and related issues like, addiction, abuse potential and health risks. It is in our interest to do research and publish relevant and correct information about kratom.

      The kratom association does not advertise or promote kratom usage and will limit the exposure of their publications only to relevant groups.

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    • Research

      The Kratom Association will regularly conduct research and will promote additional medical and pharmaceutical research, needed to build more understanding about kratom, its usage and the effects.

      Although a lot of research has been carried out already, there is a strong need to collect more factual information about kratom's safet, limited addiction potential and medical applications. 

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    • Vendor Policy
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  • KA charter
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